5 March 2019

Milmeq successfully transferred to new owners

New Zealand capital equipment engineering company Milmeq has been split and sold, with the transfer to new owners taking effect from last Friday, 1 March.

Milmeq’s chilling and freezing capability has been sold to New Zealand listed company Mercer Group Limited and has been incorporated into its automation business, H&C Automated Solutions.

Milmeq’s meat processing system design and engineering capability has been transferred to Australian project delivery company Wiley & Co. Pty Limited, as part of a strategy to expand their operations into New Zealand.

New Zealand automation company Scott Technology Limited has taken over provision of maintenance and spare parts for Milmeq slaughter equipment.

Milmeq Chief Executive Officer, Chester Bakkerus said the transactions were the result of the company’s focus on providing the best possible outcome for its customers.

“All products and services currently provided by Milmeq have been transferred to one of the purchasing companies. This means all our customers will continue to receive the level of service they have come to expect – and the transfer of key staff members to each of these companies is expected to help ensure a smooth transition,” he said.

“We know that the new owners will expand the product and service offering by leveraging synergies within their existing businesses – and our customers will benefit from that,” he added.

For more information about the purchasing companies, see their websites:

H&C Automated Solutions - http://hadencustance.com/

Wiley - https://www.wiley.com.au/

Scott - https://www.scottautomation.com/