8 November 2016

Health and safety rewarded with top-level audit pass

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Health and safety rewarded with top-level audit pass

Milmeq’s commitment to health and safety has been recognised with a tertiary (top level) pass in the most recent ACC audit.

ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) is an audit of a business to measure their health and safety practices against a set of government-directed standards.

Milmeq CEO Mike Lightfoot says the top level pass is reflective of the company’s commitment across the board to make health and safety a priority.

“As a team, Milmeq have worked hard over the past 12 months to make health and safety a major focus to the point where it has become a natural part of the Milmeq culture.

“Staff are supportive of the practices we have in place and, most importantly, are always looking to see ways we can improve. The board have done a fantastic job in driving this. For us health and safety is not a static area – our culture of ‘your safety first’ means that as our workshops grow and technologies advance we are always evolving our practices to suit.

“This result shows our approach is working and I’m so pleased to see this commitment from the board to the shop floor.

“Well done to everyone involved.”