30 August 2018

Innovation and leadership in meat processing systems

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This article originally appeared in August 2018 issue of Food Technology magazine.

In the meat processing industry, business success can be measured by the ability to increase both operating efficiency and product quality.

As global demand on the sector increases, New Zealand processing equipment company Milmeq continues to demonstrate industry leadership with its meat processing systems.

As experts in process design, overhead conveyor systems and abattoir processing systems, Milmeq’s knowledge of the industry is extensive.

With more than 60 years of experience working alongside processors to develop greenfield plants and brownfield upgrades, re-configurations and extension, Milmeq has helped companies all over the world to increase their throughput and efficiency.

Milmeq has long been recognised for innovation in overhead conveying, having pioneered the inverted dressing system for sheep processing and developed the 3D bi-planer conveyor system to allow transport of carcasses in any direction.

Milmeq conveying systems are custom designed and manufactured to suit all manner of configurations, including varying carcass type, weight and size, a full range of throughput rates and operations under pneumatic or electronic control.

The company also offers complete abattoir processing systems for beef, sheep and other small stock.

Design is based on process and site requirements and Milmeq manufactures the conveyor system and selected other equipment, combining with equipment from other specialist suppliers to deliver a fully integrated, turn-key solution.

Australian beef processor and exporter Kilcoy Pastoral Company has seen first-hand the benefits of Milmeq’s solutions. The company recently undertook a project to redevelop its slaughter floor, to expand its beef processing capacity and enhance the quality and consistency of its products.

Milmeq delivered an innovative design that extended Kilcoy’s processing capacity by 60% to 130 carcasses per hour, with only an 18% increase in floor area.

General Manager Operations Shane Clancy said the upgrade was integral to achieving Kilcoy’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality beef to the world market.

“We particularly valued their design expertise and commitment to delivering a solution that meets our present and future needs,” he said.