21 August 2017

Milmeq and Nolan Meats collaborate for plant expansion

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An enduring partnership between companies in the meat processing sector has resulted in a large-scale project built to a completely unique brief.

Food processing plant equipment provider Milmeq and Gympie-based meat processor Nolan Meats have continued their 18-year relationship in development of their new post-slaughter facility, to allow the company to chill, freeze and sort their product on site for distribution.

Milmeq assisted with the design and layout of the new facility and installation of the plate freezing component.

The project is the culmination of two years of work, from conceptual design to completion, where both parties were actively involved in every part of the process.

Milmeq product manager Roy Robinson said both Milmeq and Nolan Meats were very hands-on with their approach to the concept design.

“This was a very collaborative process, and we really enjoyed working with Nolan to ensure they were happy with the outcome,” he said.

“It’s not often we have the design completely finalised before installation, but Nolan recognised the importance of considering the project from all aspects and this attention to detail at the design stage allowed for a very smooth project delivery.”

The collaboration meant the project was completely unique to the client, built to fulfil their specifications.

Milmeq draftsperson Carin Mitchell, who worked on the beef slaughter plant design in 1999, said it was great to partner with Nolan again after 18 years.

“I really enjoyed working with Mike Nolan and the team; it’s great to have all of that input and another set of eyes going across the design,” she said.

“It really highlights Milmeq’s commitment to our clients and how important it is to us to ensure we have ongoing communication, even after several years."

In line with current export requirements, Nolan Meats required a post-slaughter chilling and freezing facility to be built, in order for all parts of their meat processing operation to remain on one site.

Milmeq provided a plate freezing facility, which has the capacity to freeze 3840 cartons daily.Unlike other plate freezers, these ones open progressively, allowing cartons of product to be placed in contact with the plates more quickly, optimising the chilling and freezing process.

The plate freezers are fully automated, and the design includes a SCADA system and CCTV, and associated refrigeration infrastructure.

They give 24 hours of guaranteed freeze time – half of the time that the more traditional method of blast freezing would require.

Other benefits that the plate freezers offer Nolan Meats include a compact physical footprint, industry-leading energy efficiency and consistent presentation of flat cartons, which provides a flow-on effect of space saving in shipping containers.

The plate freezers were tailored to meet not only the current demands of the plant, but also designed to allow for future upgrades and increases in the throughput of the plant.