4 December 2017

​Milmeq lends support to Stars of Courage

Milmeq has always believed that it is people that make the business. The focus on people extends beyond our own people, to those in our wider community and, in keeping with this spirit, Milmeq is proud to announce its support of the Chid Cancer Foundation during the Christmas season.

For many, Christmas is a time of coming together, celebrating the year’s achievements and spending quality time with those who mean a lot to us.

Most of us are lucky and are in a position to celebrate this, however it’s not always the case for some children and their families around New Zealand.

For them, Christmas can mean a time of stress in the face of what is already a stressful time, dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Our support of the foundation’s Stars of Courage programme means children with cancer will be gifted dedicated Stars of Courage from the Stardome in recognition of their bravery. It also helps to give families courage on the cancer journey this Christmas.

Each child receives a star dedication certificate with the name of their star, a star map with a picture, a description and the coordinates of their star so they can view it at any time by visiting an observatory, or from their home.

Milmeq Human Resources manager Rebecca Mowat said it had always been in the company’s ethos to help others where it could, and giving back at Christmas was just one way to put action to that ethos.

“Cancer is something that everyone has experience with, whether it be personally, or a friend of family member. To be able to give these children and their families a bit of a lift and something to smile about during the holiday season is something we find very special.”

“The Child Cancer Foundation do so much important work, and we feel extremely privileged that we can be a part of the difference they’re making for these kids.”