21 February 2018

Milmeq marks one year LTI free

Mimeq’s health and safety culture continues to go from strength to strength, with the company marking the first of what is hoped to be a long list of milestones.

On December 22, Milmeq marked one year of no lost time injuries.

This achievement is a great result for the entire Milmeq workforce and comes from the company’s wider focus on health and safety.

Health and Safety Manager Jacky Hyslop said Milmeq has been taking a close look at injury and occupational health management as part of
that wider focus.

“Our entire team has been absolutely wonderful and dedicated to working on our health and safety culture, making it one of their top priorities
and investing significant time over the past few years to reach this milestone,” she said.

Milmeq is committed to creating an ethos where staff and contractors can come to work every day, knowing they will be working in a safe environment
and going home to their families, injury-free.

“Everyone has really looked out for each other to make sure we’re all staying safe and making good decisions regarding health and safety,” Hyslop said.

“When you come to work, there should never be any doubt in your mind that you might be injured or not go home at the end of the day. We’ve
spent the past few years working really hard on refining our practices and making sure our whole team is up to date on correct health and safety

“To have gone a year lost time injury free is a great achievement for Milmeq, and is something we’re all really proud of.”

This milestone comes on the back of a strong performance in 2016, after receiving a tertiary pass (top level) in their 2016 ACC audit.

ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) is an audit of a business to measure their health and safety practices against a set of government-directed standards.