19 October 2017

​Milmeq technology increases quality and capacity

Milmeq continues to be a standout in the meat processing industry with its innovation in its already market leading capital equipment line.

Milmeq’s plate freezers have long been recognised as the industry-leading solution for energy and time-efficient freezing, but it’s one of their latest innovations to this technology which is turning heads.

Taking on the challenge of providing plate freezers with adjustable capacity for Australian pork processor Linley Valley Pork, Milmeq’s innovation has led

Western Australian’s largest pork processor into a new future, increasing both its throughput and product quality.

Linley Valley Pork is a brand of the Craig Mostyn Group based in Western Australia who specialise in producing high quality, free range pork.

Linley Valley packs its products in different sized cartons, and while the use of plate freezers is generally limited to operations where all cartons are the same height, Milmeq rose to the challenge to create a system where the height the of freezers could be adjustable.

Milmeq worked closely with Linley Valley Pork to ensure its targets were met on time and to budget. Milmeq supplied two, 14-level plate freezer stacks which accommodate a total of 480 small, 320 medium and 1152 large cartons. Pre-sorted cartons enter the system by conveyor, where the carton size is automatically detected and the cartons are assigned to the appropriate level on the plate freezer.

With a 21-hour freeze time from direct contact with the plates, this delivered a significantly lower refrigeration index than blast freezing and improved the quality of Linley Valley Pork’s products, particularly its offal products, which are usually packed warm. The automated nature of the system also reduces the risk of injury to personnel that was previously posed by manual handling of product within a blast freezer environment.

Milmeq product manager – plate freezers Brendan Dever said the company was pleased to not only fulfil Linley Valley’s brief with a custom solution, but also continue to be a market leader in freezing technology.

“It just goes to show that we’re constantly adapting and making sure we’re keeping relevant as the industry changes,” he said.

“It’s really important to us that our clients can feel they can come to us with any kind of project brief, no matter the challenge.”

Linley Valley Pork site engineer Jim McGuckin said working with Milmeq had been a great experience, and was impressed with their attention to detail.

“We’ve already got the team coming back next month to do a bit of training on the new machinery, as well as a bit of a follow up to see how we’re settling in with the new freezers,” he said.

“It’s great to have that kind of commitment from Milmeq.”