4 April 2011

Realcold Milmech changes name and rebrands as Milmeq

The businesses formerly known as Realcold Milmech, Realcold Millers Mechanical, Realcold Insustrial and Realcold Mechanical have joined together and now trade as one entity named Milmeq.

As of Monday 4th April 2011 Realcold Milmech renames as Milmeq.

The businesses formerly known as Realcold Milmech, Realcold Industrial, Realcold Mechanical and Realcold Millers Mechanical will now all trade as Milmeq.

Having combined the expertise and engineering skill set of all of the above, Milmeq presents a clear offering to customers within food processing businesses for the supply of:

  • Primary Food Processing systems
  • Materials Handling systems
  • Chilling & Freezing systems
  • System Care services

The new company name is spelt with a 'q' but is still pronounced 'mil-mek'.

The capital Q presented in the logo relates to the refrigeration and thermodynamics expertise which the company was built upon. In physics the process of heat energy transfer, also known as thermodynamics, is represented with a capital Q. Milmeq now encompasses the mechanical, controls and refrigeration engineering expertise we are proud to present as a fully integrated entity.

When the company began in New Zealand in 1952 it was known as Refrigeration Engineering and experienced rapid growth through assisting meat and dairy processors with chilling, freezing and cold storage systems. Refrigeration Engineering later became known as The Realcold Group of Companies which also incorporated wholesaling operations for refrigeration and air conditioning components. The commercial components wholesale operations located in both New Zealand and Australia have merged and are now named as Realcold. Milmeq and Realcold are now two separate entities.

As Milmeq, we continue to provide a range of specialist engineering expertise for industrial processing facilities.