9 May 2016

You Matter Day raises money for charity

Health and wellbeing were the centre of attention for award-winning New Zealand engineering company Milmeq when they hosted a “You Matter Day” to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Milmeq halted production at its 75-staff-strong office in Dunedin and 40-strong office in Auckland last Friday to focus on health and wellness.

During the day, staff were treated to a nutrition seminar, a physical activity and wellbeing seminar and a stress management and mental wellbeing seminar, before wrapping up with a raffle and draw for the Child Cancer Foundation where the staff and company raised a total of $5,000.

CEO Mike Lightfoot says it was the perfect opportunity to take a holistic look at staff wellness while raising money for a good cause.

“People are always at the centre of what we do here at Milmeq so we are constantly looking at ways we can enhance not only the quality of the time they spend at work but other aspects of their lives too. Being able to do this while raising money for a great cause is fantastic.”

Child Cancer Foundation Business Development Manager Liz Atkinson presented the raffle prizes at the Auckland event and shared a little bit about what the organisation does.

“Having a child diagnosed with cancer is incredibly hard on a family. Treatment is only available in Auckland and Christchurch, so for many families that means moving part or all of the family to another city. As well as the emotional and physical toll of treatment on the child and family members, there is often financial hardship with one or both parents being unable to work. Your donation is helping us to provide support to families with all aspects of this journey,” Liz explains.

The first “You Matter Day” was held following the success of a similar event – a Wellness Day, held by the company last year, Mike says.