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Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Overhead Process Conveyors

Milmeq has a reputation for innovation in overhead process conveying.

In the early 1980s we pioneered the inverted dressing system. Today this is recognised as setting the global industry standard for sheep slaughter, decreasing the risks of contamination and thus increasing product quality as well as improving operating efficiencies.

Another key development was the 3D bi-planer conveyor system which promoted the use of overhead conveyors for a wider variety of uses. The 3D chain provides complete flexibility for the hands free transport of carcasses in any direction.

Today we continue to place importance on design and configuration of overhead process conveyors in order to achieve maximum efficiencies, hygiene control, operator safety and ease of use at each stage of operations, whether the process requires manual or automated input.

We design, develop and install an array of overhead conveying systems to suit varying carcass type, breed, weight and size. Our solutions cover a full range of throughput rates under pneumatic or electronic control. We also design specifically to meet the space requirements of the process floor.

Our overhead process conveyor equipment includes:

  • Bleed elevators and conveyors for beef
  • Foreleg/hindleg bleed conveyors for sheep and small stock
  • Dressing systems
  • Carcass/leg hoists
  • Evisceration systems
  • Queuing systems
  • Head conveyors for beef
  • Skid and trolley return systems
  • Overhead transport systems

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Overhead Process Conveyors

Bleed Conveyors and Dressing Systems

Bleed Elevators and Conveyors

Milmeq’s beef bleed elevators and conveyors are designed to elevate the carcass to ensure efficient animal bleed immediately after sticking, while guaranteeing carcass separation and minimising cross-contamination between successive carcasses.

Foreleg/Hindleg Bleed Conveyors

Milmeq foreleg and hindleg systems are designed to ensure efficient processing of sheep and small stock can be achieved whether the process has manual or automatic input.

These devices ensure carcasses are securely held during processing and easily transferred between different positions to enable effective processing, which is critical to the inverted dressing process.

Equipment design such as this adds to operator safety provisions and reduces the incidence of injury through strain.

Our custom devices include:

  • Wide-to-narrow attachments (automatic and manual)
  • Clipped hock plates
  • Automatic hock knock-outs

Dressing Systems

Milmeq dressing systems are designed to ensure reliable and robust efficient processing can be achieved whether the process has manual or automatic input.

Our dressing conveyors are also compatible with the full range of common dressing processes and equipment and are designed to enhance operator safety and reduce the incidence of injury through strain.

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Overhead Process Conveyors

Carcass Hoists, Head Conveyors and Eviscerator Conveyors

Carcass Hoists

Milmeq offer a variety of hoists, including leg change-over and evisceration hoists for use in beef processing, and gambrel-up (carcass inversion) hoists for sheep and small stock.

Head Conveyors

Milmeq can develop custom head conveyors for beef processing. These conveyors ensure that the head remains synchronised with the body for inspection, as well as facilitating further processing of the head for meat and co-product recovery.

We can also provide custom head processing conveyors for sheep and small stock where further head processing is required.

Eviscerator Conveyors

In response to the growing market for offal products, a number of solutions and systems have been developed to assist with the sorting and further processing requirements of product removed from carcasses.

These are specifically designed to allow efficient management of offal product without interruption to the key carcass processing operations.

Milmeq offers a variety of evisceration conveyors for beef, sheep and other small stock, including

  • Continuous table conveyors
  • Overhead gondola conveyors (patent pending)
  • Indexing pan conveyors (patented)

These conveyors cater for the full range of plant footprints and throughputs and incorporate a high level of operator safety, very low levels of cross-contamination and integrated cleaned-in-place (CIP) and sterilisation systems.

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Overhead Process Conveyors

Queuing, Skid Return and Overhead Transport Systems

Queuing Systems

Applications for our queuing systems include carcass bleeding, detain/retain, grading, sorting and other areas where controlled carcass management is needed for hygiene and operational requirements.

Skid and Trolley Return Systems

Milmeq skid and trolley return systems automate the sterilisation and return of skids and trolleys to the point of application, eliminating manual handling and cross contamination, and maximising hygiene.

Overhead Transport Systems

Milmeq has developed overhead conveying technologies which can be custom designed for any product requiring transport. Options for overhead transport conveyors typically include:

  • Continuous powered
  • Walking beam (reciprocating)
  • Live rails
  • 3D uniplanar conveyors
  • 3D bi-planer conveyors

Overhead transport conveyors are particularly suited to product not within a carton or box. This includes product hung from conveyor systems as well as product being transported in a pan conveyor configuration.

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Overhead Process Conveyors

3D Bi-Planer Conveyor

Our award-winning 3D bi-planer conveyor system provides complete flexibility and efficiency when transporting product through a process operation, enabling product to be transported in any desired direction.

The key benefits of this conveyor type are its ease and efficiency of operation, as well as delivering improved hygiene and safety within the processing environment.

It also provides flexibility to achieve maximum use of footprint where floor space is limited.For this reason, the system has often been adopted when customers require upgrades, modifications or re-configurations to existing process layouts where certain operations are fixed.

Continuous refinement and development has resulted in a conveyor chain that has a longer, trouble free life.

Although the conveyor is especially suited for the food processing industry it has also found applications in many other areas requiring conveying systems.

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