Systems & Equipment

Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Restraint and Slaughter Equipment

Milmeq supplies a range of equipment to effectively manage the initial stages of animal restraint and handling.

Processes can be designed for varying carcass sizes including cattle, calves, lamb, sheep, deer, pigs and goats, and to meet Halal requirements.

We design, manufacture and install the following equipment for beef:

  • Ride on restrainer
  • Mechanical stun box
  • Electric stun box
  • Bleed slat conveyors
  • Autolander
  • Tipper cradle
  • Sticking table

For sheep and small stock:

  • Restrainer conveyors
  • Mechanical stun box
  • Electric stunning
  • Landing tables
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