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Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Carton Conveying

Milmeq develops complete carton conveying systems for the transport, sorting, management and tracking of product.

Each conveying system is designed to suit individual customer needs and site specifications. Understanding the different product types and number of current and future path requirements for product enables our systems to accelerate the pace of transport, eliminate unnecessary queuing and deliver seamless transitions between each operation.

With the majority of systems designed for integration in food processing environments, design features include carton x-ray, barcode scanning and integrated washing and sterilising facilities.

All systems include pre-wired electrical control and are suited to operating in low temperature environments.

Our range of roller and belt carton conveying systems includes:

  • Fixed drive conveyors
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Diverters
  • Lowerators, elevators and spirals
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Carton Conveying

Conveying Systems

Accumulation Conveyors

The options available to achieve effective and reliable accumulation include:

  • Powered
  • Turners
  • Gravity
  • Zero pressure accumulation

Diverters for Carton Sorting

We offer high speed 90 degree diverting systems for carton management and sorting. Typically diverters are integrated to allow for product to be scanned by barcode and then transferred to predetermined areas, whether it be to enter a chiller, freezer or straight through to palletising.

Our range of diverters includes:

  • Horizontal diverters
  • Vertical diverters
  • Swing diverters
  • Eccentric driven diverters
  • Gravity mergers

Lowerators, Elevators and Spirals for Carton Control

When space is at a premium and large elevation change is required for carton transport, our lowerators, elevators and spirals provide an efficient solution. These systems reduce the footprint required whilst maintaining the required product flow and pace.

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