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Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Materials Handling

Milmeq custom designs systems for any type of food processing operation requiring product transport, sorting, management and tracking. We specialise in efficient and reliable materials handling systems for perishable product in low temperature process environments.

With a focus on ensuring product integrity and traceability, reducing product contamination and improving operator safety, we have developed materials handling systems which allow operations to be fully automated and streamlined, providing a hands-free environment from packaging to distribution.

The Milmeq fully automated stock transfer (MFAST) system was recently launched as the first of its kind, an automated sorting, storage and retrieval system offering enhanced efficiency in materials handling operations, use of space and quality of product.

Our materials handling solutions also include carton conveying and robotic palletising.

Palletising and Container Loading

Milmeq provides a range of systems to enable efficient and streamlined palletising and container loading.

Palletising Systems

Our palletising systems reduce the manual labour input typically required as well as the use of forklifts.

Equipment includes:

  • Carousel conveyor system
  • Robotic palletising

Using robotics to automate the palletising process results in significant reductions in the time taken to compile a pallet.

The system can be controlled to maintain synchronisation with product throughput at prior stages and can also include flexible settings so the pace can be increased or decreased according to changing palletising needs.

Barcode scanning is integrated before the palletising process, which allows the recognition of location for each product due to be palletised as well as allowing the robot to allocate an area for product with faulty or illegible barcodes.

The system is specifically designed to ensure checking, control and management of product before it leaves a processing operation.

Power Scope

The power scope is a system designed to aid the loading of a container with minimum operator or fork lift input providing maximum utilisation of space and time for this operation.

When extended, the unique conveyor system can reach to the end of a 40 foot container. As the container is loaded the conveyor reduces in length back toward the doors of the container. The compression of the system works by collapsing specially designed conveyor sections in folds similar to those of a concertina.

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