Systems & Equipment

Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Cutting and Boning Equipment

Milmeq provides a range of custom-designed equipment suited for cutting and boning in cold, warm and hot boning operations. We also offer complete design and delivery for new or re-configured boning operations.

Systems can be customised to handle a range of product including lamb and small stock cutting, mutton boning, venison boning, beef side or quarter boning and fabrication. Performance and product traceability requirements are also considered at the design stage.

All of our equipment is robust, ergonomic, easy to operate and efficient to wash down.

Boning Conveyors

We design and manufacture a range of boning conveyors including:

  • Product conveyors
  • Pack-off conveyors
  • Trim conveyors
  • Waste conveyors
  • Carton conveyors

Processing Tables

Our table designs include:

  • Boning tables
  • Bagging tables
  • Carton makeup
  • Sorting tables
  • Packing tables
  • Weigh stations
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