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Milmeq custom designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for primary food processing operations, providing the complete solution to take the product from hot to cold.

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Fresh Produce

Milmeq custom designs systems to optimise chilling, freezing and materials handling for fresh produce processing operations.

Our industry-leading plate freezers and chilling and freezing tunnels have been deployed in horticulture and other fresh produce processing operations around the globe, delivering improvements in operational efficiencies as well as product quality.

The Milmeq Fully Automated Stock Transfer (MFAST) system was recently launched as the first of its kind, offering superior efficiency in materials handling operations, use of space and quality of product.

The following systems and equipment have been developed to enhance processing operations within the fresh produce industry.


The MILMEQ® Fully Automated Stock Transfer (MFAST) system provides a robotic solution to the sorting, storage and retrieval of perishable food products.

We developed this unique technology to provide efficient and safe handling of large numbers of SKUs, ensuring a quality product is effectively stored and delivered where and when it is required.

Capable of operating at minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four degrees Fahrenheit), the MFAST has an in-built multi-use three-axis travelling beam robotic crane.

To maximise efficiency, it is designed to store product whilst travelling into the structure and retrieve product ready for palletising on the return travel. This ensures complete management and turnover of stock.

The system optimises the use of space in storage and pre-palletising areas. Displacing the need for forklift operations, the robust design, automated mechanics and intelligent control system allows for a high structure.

Refrigeration requirements are also integrated within the design.

Once the system has a complete pallet load ready for dispatch it will begin the retrieval process of certain product types to create a pallet. This can be either one product type or a mix depending on the client’s distribution requirements. Accuracy in the selection process minimises product wastage.

Each MFAST is custom designed, installed and commissioned with easy to use controls for management. Remote monitoring and installation of CCTV provides a link to Milmeq for ongoing support, regular maintenance programmes and training refreshers as required.

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